We deserve a world in which medical research and treatment reflects all individuals — regardless of race, ethnicity, orientation, or economic status.

As a participant-driven research network, iConquerMS invites you to join us in making that world a reality.

Minority populations are severely underrepresented in scientific research. In fact, recent studies show that Hispanic people make up 16% of the US population but only 1% of research participants. African Americans, who make up more than 13% of the US population only account for 5% of clinical trial participants. We know that MS research findings as well often fail to reflect the full diversity of the affected population. This lack of diversity shows the extent to which researchers need...

  • Informed voices that can speak to minority community needs
  • Expert minority-group perspectives on recruitment and study design
  • Clear and effective approaches to meaningfully integrating DE&I into research


RIDE Council members meet virtually for 1-4 hours per month, either as a large group or within sub-councils that focus on specific underserved communities. Together, we discuss the historical roots of underrepresentation in research and co-design strategies for increasing meaningful and beneficial research participation. Initial discussions are focused on increasing participation in the iConquerMS network; in the future the RIDE council will also be able to provide guidance to other research initiatives.


Through the work of the RIDE Council...

Researchers will have a resource to help design, discuss, and review new and existing research initiatives to ensure they meet their diversity goals and requirements;

People with MS will have a group focused exclusively on ensuring their community is represented in crucial clinical trials and the resulting data;

Companies and organizations will have an informed inclusive and equitable group to help navigate the complexities of reaching and meaningfully including historically marginalized groups in their work.

If you have any specific questions about the Council or participation, please feel free to browse the materials below or reach out to Jordan Caines at jcaines@acceleratedcure.org.

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Come along for the RIDE!

Accelerated Cure Project welcomes grants and sponsorship funding for the RIDE Council. We are happy to share our on-going activities and insights derived from Council and sub-council discussions with our funders.

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Support for the RIDE Council has been generously provided by organizations including Bristol Myers Squibb and Biogen.