Surachat Ngorsuraches, PhD

Why are you invovled with iConquerMS?

I am involved with iConquerMS because it is the patient-centered research community that fights multiple sclerosis (MS). As a researcher, I think this is the best way to cure MS. I would like to be part of this journey.

What is one thing you have learned by working with the iConquerMS data and/or iConquerMS community?

The iConquerMS data are high quality. The data definitely have helped me answer research questions. In addition, the iConquerMS data come with inputs from the iConquerMS community. I just love those inputs. They help me shape my research. iConquerMS is a wonderful community for any researchers who would like to work in MS research.

How would you define a cure for MS? And Apart from a cure, what are the iConquerMS researchers hoping to achieve with the data they receive?

A cure for MS to me is a treatment that is not only effective and safe, but also affordable and preferred by the patients. Apart from a cure, I have hoped that my research with the data I receive can increase patients’ and their family members’ quality of life.