Who's Involved

Everyone who cares about MS has a role.

iConquerMS™ is a ‘big tent,’ where everyone who cares about MS is welcome. iConquerMS™ would not be possible without the participation of many individuals and organizations. 

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People Like You

People from different places and backgrounds are all contributing their health information and ideas to iConquerMS™. Meet just a few of the people who are helping to conquer MS.


iConquerMS™ Governance

The iConquerMS™ patient-centered governance structure includes a Governing Board and three committees. Learn how these groups work and who participates.


iConquerMS™ Partners

Three organizations came together to create iConquerMS™: Accelerated Cure Project for MS, Feinstein Kean Healthcare, and Arizona State University. Learn about each group and its role in the iConquerMS™ Project Team.


iConquerMS™ Collaborators and Supporters

iConquerMS™ is supported by leading organizations, including major MS membership and advocacy groups in the United States and many top MS clinics. They are a powerful force for spreading iConquerMS™ activities across the nation. See the full list of collaborators. 


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) provided the initial 18-month funding for iConquerMS™. Read about this nonprofit organization’s mission to fund research that improves healthcare, and its research network called PCORnet.