Why Should You Join iConquerMS™?

There are 3 big reasons to join.

Reason 1: As a person living with MS, you know the disease better than anyone.

When you take surveys about your daily experiences and symptoms and share your medical records, you help to create a key resource for research. Every piece of data expands the pool of information that researchers can draw from.

Reason 2: Your voice matters.

When you share your ideas about what research questions you want answered, and give us feedback on the initiative, we can fortify the bridge between those who live with MS and the research community.

We are stronger when we all work together.

Reason 3: It’s secure and easy to participate.

Once you take a few steps online to join, you become part of this initiative. When you contribute health data, we will take every reasonable step to protect your identity and privacy.

Your data has power - the more information you provide today and in coming months, the better it is for research.


MS research is accelerating.

As someone living with MS, you have the power to advance research to better understand, treat, and ultimately cure multiple sclerosis. iConquerMS™ makes it easy to participate.

iConquerMS™ is collecting large amounts of data from people living with MS. Researchers can use all the collected information to find patterns that might not be visible otherwise. And then, use these patterns and insights to figure out the causes of MS, determine who will respond best to various therapies, and find new improved treatments for the disease.

We want to answer questions like these, and others that matter to you:

  • What causes MS?
  • What affects the progression of MS?
  • What available treatments work best in which people?
  • How can we develop better treatments?
  • What strategies can prevent or cure MS?


We have powerful new tools.    

Large collections of electronic data assembled from many individuals and sources (called ‘Big Data’) are known to be an important resource for insight. Many industries are using Big Data to solve tough problems.

Now, Big Data is starting to play a key role in medical research. 

The information you report about your own health experiences, plus the information from your doctor’s records about your diagnosis and treatment, can be very powerful when combined with the data from thousands of others living with MS. 

Researchers will analyze this data to gain new insights, develop better diagnoses and treatments, and eventually find cures.   


This initiative is moving fast.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about this new generation of research is that you—the person living with MS—have the power to make it happen right now.

By contributing your data and ideas, you can advance MS research more rapidly toward better treatments and eventually cures. Join iConquerMS™ today.